Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Goals and Action Plans for 2011

I promised that I would post my goals and action plans. So, here they are. I will start with the more general and then go to the more specific.

General Goals: Editing

  • Edit and revise Death Get's an F (50,000 words)
  • Edit and revise Stormy Weather (75,000 words)
  • Edit and revise Fangs for the Memories (50,000 words)
  • Edit and revise (Blood)Red Sails in the Sunset (45,000 words)
  • Total 220,000 words. About 85 Hours. 
General Goals: Writing 
  • Finish writing Fangs for the Memories (5,000 words estimated)
  • Finish writing "Static" a short story featuring the characters from Dark Side of the Moon (5,000 words estimated.)
  • Finish writing The Essence of Magic (A Sword and Sorcery Fantasy without swords with a science fiction base) I began this novel a few years ago and it's time to finish it. I mean I can't leave that girl to be married off against her will while her boyfriend, the hero of the story can do nothing but watch. And then they are running out of Essence, the substance that makes magic possible and the entire economy is built around Essence and the Essence mages. Can they recover technology? But if they recover it will it destroy their society? So many questions still hang in the balance. I need to get these people out of their predicament. (30,000 words, estimate)
  • Write Eclipse another Carolyn Masters Mystery (50,000 words)
  • Write Green, Green another Carolyn Masters Mystery (50,000 words)
  • Write Weeping Willow another Carolyn Masters Mystery (50,000 Words)
  • Total 190,000 words or about 110 hours.
When I talk about writing, I am talking about pure composition. Starting with the blank screen and putting words on it. It's rough draft writing.


Pre-writing is the preparations that goes into writing. That would include research, plotting, character development etc. For the works in progress listed above, that has already been done. But for the three new projects I need to do the pre-writing:

  • Develop secondary characters (5 hours)
  • Research dome construction and meteorite threat to surface lunar habitats (3 hours)
  • Create basic plot structure (who dun it, why, how, where, essential clues,) (3 hours)
  • Create secondary plot structure that advances character arc (3 hours)
Green, Green 

  • Develop secondary characters (5 hours)
  • Research multi-generational interstellar travel (5 hours)
  • Create basic plot structure (who dun it, why, how, where, essential clues,) (3 hours)
  • Create secondary plot structure that advances character arc (3 hours)
Weeping Willow
  • Develop secondary characters (5 hours)
  • Research the function of trees in cleaning the air. (2 hours)
  • Create basic plot structure (who dun it, why, how, where, essential clues,) (3 hours)
  • Create secondary plot structure that advances character arc (3 hours)
 Total: 43 hours

Summing up  

Looking at this list I see I have to 238 hours of work. On a weekly basis that will be 4.76 hours a week or less than an hour a day. Of course, I can't always keep a regular schedule. So next, I have to go to my calendar and make an action plan. Look for that in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, what are your goals looking like. I know some had trouble posting before. I made some changes to my settings. I hope that will help.


    Megan Sayer said...

    Wow, I'm really impressed with the level of detail you've put into researching your goals. I'm sure it will pay off well for you.

    I'm also impressed with the size of the body of work to finish. I find it hard having more than one piece on the go, let alone works of that length. Go for it!

    Have a great 2011,

    Edwina said...

    Your goals and planning are most impressive. I'm sure you will succeed in 2011!


    Terri said...

    Thanks. I am doing the same with my day job because I'm revamping the journalism department and I won't get it done if I don't try.

    I know this looks like a lot of work, but really, it's only about an hour a day five days a week and 50 weeks a year. My schedule will probably be less regular than that, but still, considering the number of hours a year you have to work with that's not bad.

    It's like the old saying, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

    I learned the truth of that during Nanowrimo. The last three years I completed the first draft of a 50K novel in a month. This year I completed 75K and a novel and a half. Finishing the second this month. Now, if I can do that as part of a national event, why can't I do it on my own using the same techniques I used there.

    Write often and in small chunks. Wrote regularly (1650 words a day). Held myself accountable to myself and others.

    I will do the same this year, and even if I don't get all those done, I have a plan and will get much more done than if I didn't have a plan.

    You can always alter your plan, but if you don't plan at all then you won't even be able to do that.

    lionmother said...

    Put the way you have put it your writing goals seem very doable and I am thinking I need to hone mine a little more. I can use an hour a day for my writing. That is probably all the time I have for it.:)

    Thanks for the motivation.:) I'll be checking your progress. Do you know Kristen Howe? She always posts her progress with her projects.

    Terri said...

    Kristen and I are Nanowrimo buddies from way back. We tend to hold each other accountable by posting on Twitter word counts. She is more consistent than I am in that regard.

    I'm locating some graphic status report thingys like you see on Nanowrimo sites. I want to put up one for each of my projects.

    I'm glad this is motivational for you.

    Joylene Butler said...

    Terri, I need you to come to my house and give me a good kick in the butt. I have so much to do and don't know where to start. You're a big inspiration.